New campaign "" has launched!

Well, this is a totally new thing for me! 


I am more used to talking to people face to face so a blog is going to take some getting used to! Hopefully you have had a scan through my new website- please help me spread the word and help me try to achieve my goal! If you have/can think of any events that may be interested in my campaign-DO GET IN TOUCH! What's new?!?! well, I flew out to Pokhara, Nepal in september 2015 and im fast approaching the end of my first season working with the Scott and the Parahawking Project- ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!! It has been everything i have ever hoped it would be and SO much more! Ive seen birds and experienced things i previously only dreamed about and im still having to pinch myself on a daily basis to check it's all real!

My role here contains assisting with Parahawking activities and also working with the Vulture Safe Feeding Site in Ghachok. Take a look at the video on the website to see the feeding site and its diners! Travelling to Nepal has certainly had an impact on me, i feel inspired to do as much as i possibly can to help vultures. The small team of people i have the pleasure of working with are a true inspiration, I have met some equally inspirational people who work in completly different fields of work but are as passionate about their subject as i am about vultures. The memories from my first season here are ones i will very much cherish forever.


I will be back in the UK in May and heading back up to the Newly christened "National Centre for Birds of Prey" at the stunning Duncombe Park Estate in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. I will be back with the awesome team and hopefully hitting the ground running for a busy spring and summer flying the birds! Cant wait to see all my friends and family once again! 

I promise to make my next post more detailed and add some pictures, I have a low battery on my laptop and want to make my site live soon. 





Bye for now!