What's it all about?

“What do you know about vultures?” Would you instantly think of cartoon characters from childhood movies or maybe think of villainous followers of death? Look beyond these false portrayals, the unsightly table manners and delve deeper into the vulture culture - Hopefully you'd be pleasantly surprised!

Vultures have one of the most important roles in ecosystems. Vultures eat dead animals... I'm sure we are all aware of this! BUT did you know that they are very capable of consuming diseased carcasses of animals too? In return for a front row seat at an unsightly place to eat a vulture will stop the spread of the disease the animal may have died from! VultureConservation.co.uk is the creation from self confessed Bird-Nerd, Jimmy Robinson. 

Jimmy's dream is to spread the word about the birds and hopefully raise vital funds along the way. All funds raised will be donated directly to vital vulture conservation projects around the world.

Jimmy is available as a speaker for your business functions, corporate events, groups, schools, colleges, universities, your friendly get-togethers and much more... get in touch today for a completely unique event.

Each talk lasts around one hour and time is made available for a question and answer session afterwards. A slideshow of images is incorporated within the talk and depending on the event, location and availability one of jimmy's feathered friends may attend and accompany too!

In September 2015 Jimmy travelled to Pokhara in Nepal to start a new career path as the Program Manager for the globally recognised Parahawking Project. Parahawking is paragliding with trained birds of prey, Scott and his team of paragliding pilots harness the bird's natural ability to conserve energy whilst maintaining flight by following them through the air. Parahawking is not a joyride, it is an education in bird of prey behaviour and conservation as a whole. The Project also manages and contributes to an important Vulture Safe Feeding Site to help preserve and restore critically endangered vulture populations in the district of Kaski.  

Watch the video above for one of Jimmy's adventures!